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How effective can you and your colleagues and your clients work together in finishing tasks, expanding & utilizing new ideas, solving problems and making decisions? How much emails and online & offline discussions are floating around in your environment which do not yield much results and/or quickly get forgotten? Do you pull in the same direction and understand each other's objectives and assumptions to ensure maximum effectiveness and productivity? Have you tapped into all potential alternative solutions, leveraging from each other's ideas where required, to come up with an expanded solution space and the most innovative solutions or decisions? StratSmart helps teams to be more effective in the following ways:


Effectively manage all your ideas, tasks, problems & decisions

All companies (and individuals) substantially improve effectiveness, competitiveness and balance, when having some sort of Idea Management System as well as some sort of Task Management System as part of their culture (even if it is just manual or paper based systems). Imagine the powerful results that can be achieved when combining task management and idea management.

Quickly and easily add insight and structure to online collaboration about new ideas, tasks, problems & decisions

Imagine the powerful results that can be achieved when thinking and collaborating about the descriptions, objectives, assumptions and solution alternatives of our ideas, tasks, problems and decisions. Thinking about these things expands understanding and insight as well as the effectiveness of how we complete our tasks, explore ideas, solve problems and make decisions.